MOGAM – Modern Gallery of Arts and Motors

MOGAM - Modern Gallery of Arts and Motors - is a unique art and automotives Museum in Italy and it derives from the true passion for cars and figurative arts. From this amazing union was originated the idea of establishing an Association that promotes culture through the permanent exposition of its own collection which captures visitors by showing them a new and exciting dimension. MOGAM, symbol of "made in Italy", offers an expository area that covers a surface of about 2000 mq and that is plunged into the art of a wonderful private park, designed by professor Ippolito Pizzetti, situated in the city of Catania. Inside MOGAM museum, besides the main artistic and car halls, there is even a section dedicated to "Targa Florio" where there are numerous antiques, some of which are books, trophies, pictures and different "memorabilia". MOGAM, moreover, gives the opportunity to see magazines, rare books of art and motoring, and peculiar antiques which represent some parts of life which belong to the previous century and enriching the cultural of the Museum.

Along this expository activity MOGAM periodically arranges sport events and host modern and contemporary art exhibitions in order to promote culture. Some rare and valuable pieces of its art and automobiles collection are often requested for various cultural events. To quote just a few examples: the exhibition "The Myth of Speed", presented in spring 2008 at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome, was given a work of the master Futurist Umberto Boccioni. On the anniversary of 60 years of Ferrari in Maranello held on 23 th and 24 th June 2007, has been given an important collection of cars: Ferrari 166 Formula 2 in which Andrea De Adamich won the 1968 "Temporada Argentina". MOGAM is a private museum sponsored by The Italian Departmant (Ministry) of Economic Development and by The Council Department for the Arts of the City of Catania.

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